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                              allylamine hydrochloride
                              Diallylamine Hydrochloride
                              N- methyl diallyl amine hyd
                      About Us

                    Located at the west foot of Huang Mountain of Zouping County, Zouping Mingxing Chemical Co., Ltd enjoys convenient transportation and strategic location for we are very close to Zibo, Jinan, and Jiqing Expressway. Our company was invested and founded as the pilot base of Joint institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering of Zhejiang University in 2002; we establish long-term relations of cooperation with Shandong University and Shandong University of Technology too. Since our foundation, led by experienced leading group with Liu Shengzeng as chairman, we started to emancipate our mind to be pragmatic and innovative; abiding by the business philosophy of "be honest, safe, innovative and win-win" as well as insisting on such development strategy of "establishing enterprises by good culture, enforcing enterprise by talents, developing enterprise by leading technology and driven by main-industry", we do our best to get growth in fine chemical industry: Our company was certificated to ISO9001: 2000 quality system in 2002, and became a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province in 2003; we obtained the certification of OHSM18000 occupational safety and health management system in 2004.

                    Quality of products is always number one priority to our company; adhering to such tenet of "Honesty based, customer supreme", we take technical innovation as our relentless pursuit, and work hard to offer society excellent services and then make contributions to mankind.

                    Liu Shengzeng (Chairman of our company) and all staffs warmly welcome your visits and business negotiations.   

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